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Sibling Rivalry and Family Ties

28 October 2017 / by James van Zeeland (author)
 (photo: )

So for our debut concourse, I put a few feelers out for pictures revolving around the "Sibling Rivalry" theme. Quite a few submissions came in via facebook, and a great collection of images. Truth be told, only a handful met the requested theme, so for our debut concourse we have three slideshows for your enjoyment; "Sibling Rivalry", "Family Ties", and "Team QLD Sept 2017"

The clear winner this time around, for being totally on point with the theme is Levi Philip Page's 3 vs 6 at the strip:

Levi Philip Page 3 vs 6

In future I'll add some polls/voting or something. Today I'll declare a couple of the images I found most interesting runners up:

Ari Schauer The Road Ahead <ed - My title for it>

From Hadley England <ed : Brings to mind rivalry as though sitting with backs to each other.>